Hello Sponsors!

Thank you for volunteering to help out the refugees and sponsoring them. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when you fill out the I-134 form for the family you are sponsoring.

  1. Make sure to fill out one I-134 form per person. 
    • If you know A-numbers of this or other beneficiaries you are sponsoring please include them in the appropriate fields.
  2. Put all information you fill out in a note so that you can copy and paste in case information is lost or for easy filling out for the next person.
  3. In the section on the sponsor’s dependents, include yourself (the relationship field is blank) and the amount of “income” you can contribute to the support of this beneficiary.  At the bottom of the dependents page, the “total income” refers to your family’s annual income.
  4. Do get a letter from your employer.  It should include your salary.
  5. You don’t need a letter from the bank unless your income is not high enough to qualify to sponsor.  You can use a recent statement.
  6. The beneficiary is the person you are sponsoring. 
  7. If you are a sponsor, you don’t have to pay for the person to come to the US or host them.
  8. In the part where it asks if you plan to pay for the beneficiary, say no.
  9. When it asks about the assets of the beneficiary, put down 0. 
  10. Double-check all dates and passport numbers and name spelling before submitting.
  11. When adding documents, make sure that you hit the drop-down menu and pick the document to make sure that the document is saved correctly.